About Us

Our goal is to bring together the Malinois community and be a meeting point for all of us professionals to work together towards improving the Belgian Malinois dog and educate other people that are interested in the breed. We believe education is the best vehicle to protect the integrity of this dog.

If you’re a professional with the breed, you may stay in touch with us for networking and collaboration opportunities.

For Self-Employed K9 Trainers

If you’re a trainer or handler and would like to learn about being involved in our network and even get some extra client refferals to grow your K9 training company, click here. (Note: You need to have plenty of experience working with the Malinois breed and verifiable track-record.) (Locations: All 50 States)

For Malinois Breeders

If you’re a reputable Malinois breeder with track-record and verifiable history of producing healthy and quality puppies conforming to the breed’s standards and are interested in getting client referrals- click here. (Note: We are very picky with the breeders we allow to be part of our community and will inspect, verify and be cautious with our vetting process.) (Locations: USA, Canada, Europe, Mexico)

For Non-Experienced, Career Oriented Individuals Seeking to Work as a Malinois Trainer

If you’re a committed individual seeking for a long-term career working with this breed, we are seeking paid interns that we can mentor so that you can form part of our network of qualified trainers. (Locations: CA, WA, UT, TX, AZ, CO)

Pleasanton, CA 94588, USA